The Phoenix Firefighters Symposium is an event to help firefighters, officers and chiefs sharpen their skills and expand their knowledge. Ultimately our goal is to help attendees give the best possible service to Mrs. Smith. The 2023 was held in February and attended by nearly 400 firefighters from 30+ different states. Add your name to the mailing list to get updates on the 2024 Symposium!


The American fire service was built to take care of Mrs. Smith.  She needs firefighters to protect her from harm when things break bad.  Her needs have remained constant over time as the world she lives and works in has developed new hazards and risks.  She needs firefighters who are smart, critical thinkers, mission driven, and have grit.  She needs firefighters that are selfless, willing to learn, and willing do the work.  Lastly, she needs firefighters who can cut through the evangelical, fire service rhetoric to be able to deliver a balance of being good at our jobs and surviving to deliver it over and over again.

The Phoenix Firefighters Symposium’s mission is to deliver thoughtful, research driven, fundamental information from leaders across the spectrum.  It is here to challenge the attitudes and values of the firefighters, to deliver service that is the most effective at preventing harm.  Ultimately this mission is to put us all in a position to be better at our jobs, whether we are firefighters or officers of any level.  

“If you think the price of education is expensive, check out the price of ignorance” - Alan V Brunacini, Phoenix Fire Chief (retired)